Plumeria rubra ‘Paradise’

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Plumeria rubra ‘Paradise'

Plumeria rubra ‘Paradise’, Aka Plumeria ‘Nebel’s Rainbow’, Lei Rainbow,  Paradise frangipani, Rainbow paucipan, Rainbow jasmine, Rainbow frangipani, or simply Plumeria. Plumeria rubra is native to continental tropical America though it is now widely cultivated throughout the world in tropical regions, including Australia. The first Plumeria rubra trees were introduced to Hawaii. They created an industry for making Leis. “This practice created a huge demand for a large number of flowers and Plumeria trees were able to provide a large number of showy and fragrant flowers ideally suited for lei production”-

Plumeria rubra ‘Paradise'
Plumeria rubria ‘Paradise’ is a result of cultivated varieties of Plumeria rubra with such varied colored flowers are the result of extensive hybridization and breeding programs. Hybrid individuals are produced by crossing different Plumeria species and the resulting progeny often have leaf and flower features that are intermediate between the two parent individuals. Different Plumeria species are crossed by transferring the pollen produced…

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