The Stinky Flower

cactus are cool


I told the story in my other blog, The Bright Lights of Muleshoe-(“Cactus and Kerrville,” October 5, 2011) of driving home from the Austin area with the distinct smell of rotting flesh lurking around me. Turned out the smell was coming from the orbea lutea, a succulent in the stapeliad family, which I had just bought, whose blooms decided to open during my trip home. Commonly known as the carrion flower, these flowers do smell like, well, dead animals. On a later trip to Austin and Spicewood and Bee Cave, where I buy most of my cactus, I bought another one, a stapelia grandiflora, which I saw blooming at The Living Desert in Spicewood, which used to be in Bee Cave (more about The Living Desert coming up in the next blog). Mine finally bloomed this year and pretty much outdid itself. I think I counted at least six…

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